Airfreight of special cargoes
Air cargo transportation involves various details and unique features. Millions of passengers are travelling all around the world on daily basis. The main goal of airlines is to provide the best service and take into account all possible passengers’ needs.

The process of live animals’ transportation is even more complicated. Such process requires advanced preparation from both parties. Firstly, the owner of the animal is obliged to provide all necessary documentation and certificates, to make vaccination if it’s needed. Secondly, forwarding company has to provide and guarantee security and comfort during the flight.

Generally, it is not a big issue to transport dogs and cats. By its nature, these types of animals are calm and do not require special facilities during transportation. However, dogs and cats are not the only specious which are transported by air.

Air Kiev Cargo – is a leading forwarding company on Ukrainian market, which offers a transportation of live animals, but also a transportation of unique and exotic animals like fish, young fish (fry fish), amphibious etc. In addition, Air Kiev Cargo is the only company which takes responsibility and perform transportation of exotic animals.

Transportation of exotic animals requires dedication and advanced preparation. Each case in unique and requires individual approach, in order to provide the most comfortable facilities and service. The most important is to monitor temperature during the flight. Even slightly different temperature regime could lead to fatal consequences. Thus, temperature regime is a vital priority for every forwarding company. In addition,iof we are talking about exotic fish and amphibious, it is necessary to provide oxygen during transportation.

Air Kiev Cargo provides fast and top-class services for all clients. Company helps to ship cargo on time, with no delays and minimum waiting time between connecting flights to Asia, North and South America.

Company provides marking and labeling according to international regulations. Also, company follows all international standards and regulations of live animal’s transportation issued by IATA(LAC).

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