Air transportation of animals
Transportation of animals is a serious and often very delicate job. Help in collecting the documents, that are necessary for transportation, safely place animals on the plane and insure their comfort – all of this requires high professional qualities and certain experience from the employees of the transport company. It is not surprising that every owner of a dog, a cat or even a meerkat will choose to transport his pet only by experienced and well-known companies. After all, bad experience during transportation can negatively affect both the physical and mental state of the pet.

The importance of employee qualification in transporting animals is hard to overestimate. There are many species of animals, each of which requires a special treatment. Some of them require adherence to a strict diet, others are extremely vulnerable to certain temperature conditions during the flight, and the third simply have no entrance to a certain list of countries. It is obvious that an employee without any experience will not be able to keep track of all this at the same time, which ultimately will lead to negative experience with both the client and his pet.

AirKievCargo has been in the transport services market for over 20 years, during which we have a lot of positive feedback from our customers. There are quite a few of them that was dedicated to the transportation of their pets. The fact that our customers are satisfied with our services is very important for us, because it proves their quality.

In addition to feedback, the criteria for quality service are official certificates. Ukraine International Airlines have certified our company in the field of "Transportation of animals." Obtaining a document of this level requires from the specialist a lot of experience in handling animals – both theoretical and practical.

At a time when customer feedback are not always able to describe the full picture – official certificates guarantee that the company has real professionals whose work you will be sure of.

By choosing AirKievCargo, customers, as well as their pets, receive the highest level of service, confirmed by not only positive customer reviews, but also official certificates from the International Airlines of Ukraine.

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